Sky Covington’s Satin Doll Revue

Sky Covington’s Satin Doll Revue
Sky Covington’s Satin Doll Revue

The Satin Doll Revue offers a captivating journey through the remarkable legacy of the late, great women of jazz. This immersive experience takes audiences on a timeline spanning decades, beginning with the sophisticated elegance of 80’s jazz vocalist Phyllis Hyman, known as the “Sophisticated Lady.” As the journey unfolds, guests are transported back in time to the soulful sounds of Nancy Wilson, Nina Simone, and Etta James, representing the iconic voices of the 60’s.

Delving even deeper into jazz history, the Revue pays homage to legendary figures like Dinah Washington, Carman McCree, and Lena Horne, whose contributions paved the way for future generations of artists. It’s a celebration of resilience, talent, and the indelible mark these women left on the world of music.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. The Satin Doll Revue takes audiences back to the roots of jazz with luminaries such as Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, and the incomparable Bessie Smith, honoring the rich traditions and enduring influence of these trailblazers. Hosted by Mike Bonner

also featuring:

– Phyllis Hyman, performed by Lady Vonne

– Nancy Wilson, performed by Veronique Musique

-Nina Simone, performed by Faye Bradford

– Carmen Mcrae, performed by LadyLove
– Lena Horne, performed by Denise Edwards

– Dinah Washington, performed by Nina Simone Neal

– Sarah Vaughan, performed by Kimmie Horne

– Billie Holiday, performed by Sky Covington

– Bessie Smith, performed by Thornetta Davis

Experience the enchanting Satin Doll Revue live on stage at Aretha’s Jazz Cafe, 350 Madison, Detroit, MI, on June 17th. Doors open at 6p. Show starts at 7p. For tickets purchase: information:—tickets-868998436717

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