Detroit native Nana Dansoa sees her city as a market for success

Detroit native Nana Dansoa sees her city as a market for success

Nana Dansoa wasn’t planning on a marketing career.

She didn’t initially try to earn a degree in marketing or set out to help other small business owners, but Dansoa says there was a demand for her services in the community. She felt a need to offer professional assistance.

The owner of Dansoa Marketing, 19120 Grand River Ave., has been helping Detroit small businesses become more competitive though branding and staging for the past five years.

“I found it essential not to hide my talents,” Dansoa says. “…I think, at one point, I lived in fear of whether I could handle the success and that became a barrier until I said ‘I can’t live like that.’”

Dansoa recently relaunched Dansoa Marketing and will introduce a new website this month.

Grand River WorkPlace head Larissa Carr describes Nana Donsoa’s energy as “contagious” and her ability to empower others “inspiring.” Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Nana Dansoa’s passion for empowering others is contagious, according to Grand River WorkPlace head Larissa Carr, who notes that Dansoa is helping all types of business owners, from social workers to chefs, feel that they have the tools and ability to make their business a success.

Born and raised in the city, Dansoa calls herself “a proud native Detroiter.” She attended Cody High School and worked in radio. Dansoa originally went to school for journalism at Ferris State University and business marketing from the University of Phoenix, first wanting to become a broadcast journalist. She eventually went back to school for graphic design at Specs Howard when, graduating in 2009.

When she first started out in the marketing field Dansoa says she was so eager to work and gain experience that she was “misused” for her services. Today she says she knows the benefits she offers and what her work on behalf of others is worth.

Nana Donsoa helps present her client’s business in the way they want and the way they see themselves.

“As a business owner, I enjoy doing the marketing services because I get a chance to present their business to the world the way they want and the way they see themselves,” she says.

Radio remains a passion for her. In 2015, Dansoa Marketing was on hiatus while Dansoa worked on developing her radio show, “Talking With Nana,” but she didn’t abandon her dedication to her Detroit client base.

Robin Kinnie, president and CEO of Motor City Woman, knew Dansoa for several years before she started the business and was initially connected to Dansoa through common community activities. When “Motor City Woman” first launched in 2015, Kinnie says she knew she wanted to work with Dansoa Marketing.

Motor City Woman (MCW) Radio Show Founder Robin Kinnie credits Dansoa with helping her to represent her MCW brand and for building a loyal following at the station, which ardently supports female entrepreneurs. Photo by Paul Engstrom

Nana just has such a dynamic spirit and energy, and all of that flows into her marketing services,” says Kinnie. “One of the first things I needed to do when I launched was creating a logo and I worked alongside Nana, telling her what I wanted it to represent and how I wanted it to make people feel. And she just captured it perfectly.”

For Dansoa, sharing Detroit’s small business story is a media mission to support the city’s ventures through successful marketing. She identifies with their goals and challenges.

“I want to help people,” she adds. “I want to see small businesses win, too.”

Editor’s Note: You can listen to webisodes of “You’re Talking with Nana! America’s New Girlfriend!” here or you can tune in to the Motor City Woman Radio network on Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m.

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