City Living’s Austin Black explains why housing investments are on the rise in southwest Detroit, District 6

City Living’s Austin Black explains why housing investments are on the rise in southwest Detroit, District 6

Apart from its status as one of Detroit’s most diverse and culturally vibrant areas because of its numerous restaurants, taverns, novelty stores and other independently owned retailers, District 6 is a wide cross-section of neighborhoods. While the downtown area’s resurgence has led to busier traffic and more active nightlife, many residents favor affordable homes in family-friendly settings.

City Living  Detroit Founder and Realtor Austin Black says home buyers love the diversity of Southwest Detroit’s culture, the proximity to fresh food grocers and eclectic shopping district.

Austin Black, founder of the City Living Detroit real estate firm, says the district has options for those stepping into the buyer’s market.

“People are looking for different product types,” he says. “If you want a condo-townhouse environment, you don’t want any maintenance, you’re only going to be looking at downtown, Midtown, to some degree Corktown, Lafayette Park and Eastern Market.”

“Some people just don’t want a house and they want to live in a walkable area,” he says.

Lafayette Park and Eastern Market are among the popular condominium areas Black identifies beyond District 6’s borders, but inside the district Corktown, Hubbard Farms and areas near the two neighborhoods are gaining more interest from single-family home-seekers.

“You have, for Corktown, the proximity to downtown” that residents find appealing, Black says. “In other parts of Southwest Detroit and Hubbard Farms, there’s a density as well, where you could walk to a restaurant, a coffee shop. The area does have a rich history, so that’s a lot of what attracts people to the area. There’s a lot that Southwest has to offer.”

Some of District 6’s most welcoming neighborhoods are found in Southwest Detroit.

Among City Living’s recent listings in Southwest Detroit were three-bedroom houses in Springwells Village for about $40,000. Four-bedrooms in Mexicantown ranged from as little as $17,500 to as much as $180,000 for a house twice the square footage, and three-bedrooms in Corktown were priciest, from $199,000 to $540,000.

A diverse variety of living options is leading more Detroiters to explore District 6. Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

More broadly, Southwest Detroit’s resident occupation of Mexicantown is about 86 percent, with Springwells Village and Boynton at about 85 percent, and Hubbard Farms at about 84 percent, city data shows.

Different communities in District 6 hold varying values, Black says, adding mix to the real estate stock.

“I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing,” he says.

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