Soup’s On! A hearty bowl does a body good especially when dairy’s involved

Soup’s On! A hearty bowl does a body good especially when dairy’s involved

They say soup feeds both the body and the soul. During the winter months especially, truer words were never spoken.

Options abound for brothy elixirs, creamy vegetable concoctions, and even hearty thick stews that warm our bodies and souls. A seemingly endless variety can be whipped up with the most basic ingredients – vegetables, meats, broths, and herbs and spices. It doesn’t take much to put together a big bowl of healthy.

“Cook your favorite colorful vegetables with lean protein and legumes and add low-fat dairy to warm up with a comforting bowl filled with healthy ingredients,” says Brianna Banka, RDN with Milk Means More. “During this time of year, soups are an easy, versatile way to include your favorite nutrient powerhouse foods all in one meal.”

Some of the best soups during the colder months are the creamy kind – cream of tomato, seafood bisques, and hardy chowders. They satisfy and can be packed with root vegetables and healthy doses of protein with milk or cream as a base.

For some, though, milk can be bothersome. Lactose intolerance is an inability to fully digest lactose, or sugar, found in dairy products. Many misperceptions are associated with lactose intolerance, but the good news is, for most individuals it’s not necessary to cut dairy from the diet. In fact, missing out on dairy might mean missing out on essential nutrients too.

The good news: Many who have been diagnosed can eat more than they think.

One solution is to tap into the wealth of products that line supermarket shelves. There are delicious hard cheeses, like cheddar and colby, which contain little to no lactose. Many companies make lactose-free milk and half-and-half as well, used by Americans every single morning in their coffee, tea, and cereal.

February is Lactose Intolerance Month. To kick things off, we’ve assembled a few recipes for delicious cream soups that should take you through the next cold snap in a snap! What could be more satisfying than that? Read on to find out.


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